Corsair Influencer Program


In 2017, Catalyst built a strategic campaign for Corsair to increase their brand awareness in the Southeast Asian region as well as Taiwan and Australia.

Eight influencers from the various countries were outfitted with complete sets of Corsair peripherals and apparel that were to be used and promoted on their individual social media sites, YouTube videos or live streams. Selected influencers would receive new products as they were launched, which would be then unboxed and reviewed to keep audiences up-to-date with Corsair’s latest product lineup.

We were responsible for managing the Influencers’ campaigns, running giveaways, branding and promotional activities, as well as generating monthly statistical reports for Corsair. The 2017 and 2018 programs have concluded to great success, and the 2019 program is currently underway with 7 additional influencers added to the roster.


The Result:

  • Total impressions in 29 months: 72.7 million
  • Total audience engagement in 29 months: 4.68 million