Catalyst eSports Solutions was founded with the goal of building professional infrastructure in the eSports industry. We want to enable teams, individuals and brands to grow the right way, find the right opportunities, and maximize the value from their activities in the space. Having the right connections is key, and our global network of teams, brands, individuals, and events will give our partners the best possible chance to grow in the eSports space.

We want to inspire eSports. We want to be the driving force that keeps those already involved in the space professional, progressive, and successful; but we also want to encourage new brands and investors to find their comfort zone in eSports too. The goal, we feel, should be a dual strategy which targets the building of infrastructure of already existing brands and teams (via marketing, branding, business relations, social media, effective planning, budgeting, hiring) as well as assisting new brands find the best value they can and helping them navigate the complex and rapidly developing industry that is eSports.

Our mission is to enable businesses throughout eSports and those wanting to invest in the space realize their full potential by using our diverse network and expertise in marketing, strategy, design, graphics, video, social media, presentations, account management, merchandising, and branding.

Digital Marketing

Social media. Brand marketing. Content & media planning.

Web Development

Professional and unique designs tailored just to your needs. Whether it's a landing page or community hub, you choose.

Public Relations

Let us tell the story of your brand, and help with crisis management, or pitching to press.

Business Development

We’ll open up new revenue streams for your organization.

Graphic Design

We can create esports-relevant banners, pitch decks, websites, and apparel mockups.

Reliable Results

With our knowledge and expertise, we make sure that you achieve what you want, every time.