About Us

Founded in 2015, Catalyst Esports Solutions is your single destination for marketing and strategy in esports. We have a fantastic track record working with companies such as Lenovo, Razer, and Corsair, and we are situated in Singapore, at the heart of South East Asia, primed to build programs in esports’ fastest growing region with extensive contacts among teams, influencers, sponsors, and event organizers.

We Are Unique

We specialize in sponsorship programs and locating the best influencers and teams in the industry; crafting bespoke product campaigns; PR and communications in esports; graphic design and web; social media; and business development.


There are few if any other agencies in esports that offer the range of marketing services that we do, from brand messaging and growth in social media to sponsor activation and corporate design.

Diverse & Multi-Talented

We bring you a true assortment of industry experts. Among our ranks are former professional players, event organizers, leading marketers and strategists, team managers, journalists, social media experts, videographers, graphic designers and more.

Proven Track Record

Execution isn’t easy; but since being founded in 2015 we have delivered time and time again for huge global companies, professional esports teams of the highest calibre, and dozens of influencers and players.

Experts in South East Asia

We are proud to maintain the best overview of the industry in South East Asia, being incredibly well connected but also understanding the landscape here like no other.









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